No More Dropped Stitch Counters

imageI’m forever dropping my stitch counters between the couch cushions or under the seat of the car.  I also dislike the audible “click” they make when I’m knitting in a quiet public space.  I saw an advertisement for a ring stitch counter in a knitting magazine.  However, when I looked up the rings online, they were sterling silver with the option for rubies, at a cost of several hundred dollars.  This amount was drastically over my budget for a knitting notion.  My husband found this dice ring on a gaming company site,  The rings come in a variety of sizes and colors and work beautifully for counting rows.  The cost is also much more apealling at $25.  The ring came with a coupon for 10% off my next order so I’m going to order a second one as I always have more than one project in progress that needs row counting.  I’m no longer worried about keeping track of my stitch counter while I’m knitting.

Knitting Mastery

Well, I did it.  I signed up for the Level 1 Master Hand Knitters program.  This program is no joke.  It requires 17 knitted swatches and a project.  You also have to write a paper, and answer a series of knitting-related questions and provide resources and a bibliography.  For a self-taught knitter like me who has learned new skills on an as-needed basis by project, this program is just what I need.  I have already found that that “On Your Way to the Masters” articles from Cast On magazine have a wealth of information that takes you beyond just following instructions, to understanding the why behind the instructions. I believe you can get access to these articles just by joining the Knitting Guild Association for the year.   Ravelry also has a very active TKGA Masters group made up of other knitters like me who have taken on this challenge.  The group provides information and support.  Wish me luck and join me on this journey if you like.