Slip, slip, purl

I came across slip, slip purl (SSP) in the crown section of a hat I just finished.  The pattern had SSP, then purl  2 together every other stitch.  It was only until halfway around the first row, that I realized I don’t really know how to SSP.  I was slipping the stitches purlwise, then purling them together.  This technique resulted in exactly the same stitch as purl 2 together, or a right leaning decrease.  The SSP is meant to create a left leaning decrease to complement the right leaning Purl 2 together.  So what was I doing wrong?

The key to SSP is to slip the stitches KNITWISE.  Then pass the stitches back to the left handed needle and purl 2 together.  Because the stitches are twisted from slipping them knitwise, the decrease will lean in the opposite direction from Purl 2 together.  Now I have another simple technique to add to my knitting tool box!

REDO: Knitting the same pattern multiple times

Do you ever knit the same pattern more than once? I just finished my 3rd Drachenfels.  I was looking over my Ravelry projects collection, and I realized I do this often.  But why?  I personally have a number of reasons for these repeats.

  1.  First and foremost, I repeat the pattern because it wasn’t perfect the first time.  If somewhere along the way the stitch count gets off and I have to fudge a correction,  I feel like the pattern has conquered me.  I find it so satisfying to knit the pattern again and get the right count.  I guess I could just pull out my work and repeat to get the right count the first time I knit the pattern.  However, at the time, when I discover an error, that never feels like a good option.
  2. I reuse a pattern because I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.  I paid around $6 for Drachenfels, and have now used that patttern 3 times.  At $2 per use, that’s a pretty good deal.
  3. If I really like the way something turned out, I might want to try it with different colors.  Or, I might want to make a small adjustment in the pattern to make it look even better.
  4. Sometimes, a friend or family member will ask me to make them the same pattern that they see me wearing.  That’s how I ended up making Drachefels for the 2nd time.
  5. Sometimes I will make a shawl with a fingering yarn first, then repeat the pattern with lace yarn, which I find more challenging.