3 Ways to Find More Time to Knit

I am always dreaming of more time to knit and thinking about new projects I would like to start.  I have used these techniques to find every last minute I can to knit.

  1. Always have your knitting with you.  I always have a simple knitting project that occupies the passenger seat in my car.  I take this knitting with me to all appointments and I knit while I am waiting.  I take this knitting to all my kids activities so I can knit during swimming and music lessons.  I take my knitting in to work.  If the computers crash, no problem!  Instead of thinking of all the work I’m not getting done, I start thinking about how many rows I can knit before the computers are up and running again.  Knitting in public places also has additional advantages.  Other knitters are likely to approach you to discuss your project and your mutual interest in knitting.  Sometimes connecting with other knitters is difficult.  I find most knit alongs at my local store and knitting meet-ups occur during the 9-5 work week, thus making them inaccessible to me and other working knitters.  Thus,  I appreciate any opportunity I get to connect with other knitters in the flesh.  Also, other non-knitters or former knitters may identify you as a great recipient for unwanted yarn.  I have inherited yarn from a friend’s husband who decided to try knitting while working for the Forest Service but later gave it up.  I have inherited yarn from a friend of a friend who’s aunt passed away and had a huge yarn stash.  I have also inherited lovely yarn from a friend who developed Rheumatoid arthritis and stopped knitting.  If the yarn is not something I want to use, I trade it in at the once a year donation event at my local yarn store and get $ towards store credit in return.
  2. Have someone else drive.  Whether it’s driving across town, or taking a trip out of town, I try to avoid doing the driving.  When driving across town, I get my husband to drive.  Then I have an additional 45 minutes each way to knit.  When going on a road trip, I try to get one of my girlfriends to drive.  It’s a sweet luxury to have several hours to be a passenger and knit.  Of course I also knit on planes, in airports and during any other mode of travel is feasible for knitting.
  3. Set a daily goal for yourself.  During the work week, I find it very difficult to squeeze in any knitting time.  However, I am much happier when I find at least a few minutes a day to knit.  I will often set a very small daily knitting goal for myself.  For example, I am currently working on a striped scarf with each stripe consisting of 6 knitted rows.  I will set a daily goal of 1 completing 1 stripe.  Then, when the weekend comes I still remember the pattern well, because I have been working on it daily, and I have 5 more stripes completed.

If you have found other ways to increase your knitting time, I would love to hear about them!  Happy knitting.

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