5 Tips for Getting Your Children Involved in Knitting










As you all know, I love knitting.  When I’m not working, it’s what I’d like to be doing most of the time.  I really hope to share my passion for knitting with my children.  I try to keep them interested in knitting by involving them in all aspects of knitting.  Following are 5 tips to help interest your children in knitting.

  1. Knit things for them: My children are still young enough that they love wearing things that I make for them.  They particularly enjoy wearing items when they have had some input into the pattern and colors used for the project.
  2. Take time to help them with their own knitting:  My kids both started with a knitting tower, then finger knitting, and finally needles.  They have needed a lot of help along the way.  It is sometimes hard to take time to help, because they always want to knit when I am knitting.  It’s hard to put down my own project to help them.  However, I know this time is a worthwhile investment in the future.  Without my help, my kids often get frustrated and put down the needles.  I want to keep them engaged and interested in knitting so I try to help when asked
  3. Take them to the yarn store with you: This guideline is the hardest for me to follow.  I dream of going to the yarn store alone to just browse, touch the different yarns and slowly look at patterns and supplies.  Instead, I almost always take my children with me.  I end up watching them closely so they don’t touch anything they shouldn’t.  I also field many questions at the store.  However, my kids get inspired at the yarn store just like I do.  They get inspired by the beautiful model garments and yarns that they see all around them.  Sometimes they find something they would like me to make for them.  Sometimes they find a yarn they would like to use for a project.  Either way, the yarn store excursion helps keep their interest in knitting alive.
  4. Let them look at Ravelry with you: My children love to look at all the patterns and projects on Raverly with me.  They find inspiration on Raverly (just like I do).  They also realize that there are millions of other knitters around the world that share our interest.
  5. Involve them in other activities related to knitting: For example, I almost never have my yarn wound at the yarn store because my children love to help wind the yarn.  I often use my children as models for my knitting.  When I model the knitting myself, my children are the photographers and photo editors.

So far, my children seem to share my love for yarn and knitting.  I hope these tips will help you cultivate interest in  knitting with your own children or grandchildren.  After all, they are the next generation of knitters, and knit designers.

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