Addi Lace Long-tip Interchangables Review

I can’t say enough about my Addi Rocket Lace Long Tip interchangeable needle set.  This set includes 3 cord lengths, 24″, 32″ and 40″.   I only have 2  cords in this picture because I am using the 3rd cord for my current project.  I have had at least 1 project going at all times on this set since I purchased it.


The cords are very flexible and a dream to knit with.  The cords have a little opening into which you can place a lifeline.  I have not yet used this feature but I am certain it will come in very handy when I tackle more complicated lace.






The set includes long lace tips in sizes 4-11.









Also included is a center piece that will “lock” your work in place if you need to use the tips from your current project for another project.


I love this feature.  I used this center piece when I recently traveled with knitting.  I reasoned that if  my tips were a problem on the plane, I could use the center piece to keep my knitting secure and put the tips away.  Fortunately, my tips were not a problem and I passed through security without issue.


This set comes in a gorgeous pink case.  I love the bright color and it helps me easily locate the needle set when I need it.  Finally, the set includes a needle gauge and a cute heart shaped pin.


Overall, I couldn’t be more please with this set.  I like taking the whole set when I travel.  I love to hit local yarn stores and even start a new project when I’m travelling.  However,  I often don’t have the right needle size with me.  I have occasionally even purchased duplicate needles just because I wanted to start a new project while travelling.  Now I take my interchangeable set and I have most needle sizes I may need at my disposal.



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