Charity Knitting

0162a490b2e2408c8f29e3128fd91088a4c18d6958I have often thought about knitting for charity.  However, I have never before made the time for it.   Recently I vowed to make charity knitting a priority.  My pledge to myself, is that every time I finish a major project (like a shawl), I will knit one item for charity.   The Ravelry Charity Knitting group as helped me find the right charity for donation.  I have many leftover bits of yarn that are perfect for making baby items.  Most of these leftover partial skeins of yarn are wool or wool-blend.  However, many organizations prefer to avoid wool items for babies.  On the Ravlery Charity Knitting Group, I found an organization called Maya Midwives of Guatemala,  This group has need for warm baby items with a preference for wool or wool blend, but any fiber acceptable.   The Ravelry group can help you find the right charity for you as well.  Other charitable knitting projects include chemotherapy hats, hats and scarves for the homeless and Project Linus, which accepts handmade blankets for children.  Many local yarn stores have events during which you can sit and knit for a particular charity.  These events offer a great venue to connect with other knitters in your community.

I think charity knitting has some real benefits.

  1. You feel good about yourself
  2. You can use of all the leftover partial balls of yarn that come with completion of a project
  3. You can experiment with your own designs
  4. You can try new knitting skills

I have only managed to knit 4 charity items so far but am excited to continue to accumulate items.  When I have a box full, I will send them on.  If you know of other organizations that need donated knit items, please share your information by leaving a comment.



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