ChiaGoo Twist Review

I recently used a gift certificate to purchase the ChiaGoo Twist Red Lace Small interchangeable set.  According to the owner of my LYS, this set is the best interchangeable set on the market.  I have only tried a couple of other interchangeable sets, but this one is also my favorite.  The key is the T-pin.   Using this pin “locks” the tips in place and I have never had a detachment.  I have used Addi Click interchangeable needles, but have had a couple of untimely detachments working on lace.  I ended up buying a fixed circular needle to continue with my lace after having to rip back to a lifeline for the 3rd time when the interchangeable tip came off.

This ChiaGoo small set comes with tip sizes 2-8.  The set has a nice carrying case, which is in fact the same case as for the full set (needle sizes 2-15).  Therefore, if you later decide to add additional tips to your set, they can all stay in the same case.    These tips are slightly more tapered then the Addi Lace tips and I find them even easier to knit with.

The set comes with the T-pin as mentioned.  This pin is necessary to tighten and loosen the tip from the cord.  You simply insert the T-pin through the hole in the cord, and then tighten or loosen as needed.  If doesn’t feel like anything is happening at this point, but the magic is indeed happening.  The tips remain in place until you place the T-pin and loosen the tips for removal.

The set comes with 3 red cords.  These cords are sturdy but flexible, and are perhaps what the ChiaGoo brand is best known for.  The cords are 14 inches, 22 inches and 32 inches.  Remember, they will function as 24 inch, 32 inch and 42 inch cords when you factor in both 5 inch tips.  I find the 5 inch tips easier to work with then the 4 inch tips that come in some other sets.  The set also comes with 2 pieces you can attach to the cords to secure your knitting if you want to use the same tips for a different project.  There is also a small connector piece that you can use to attach 2 cords and make a longer cord.  The hole in the cord for the T-pin can be used to place a lifeline through if desired.  The additional goodies in this set include a gauge and stitch markers.

Overall, I love this set and would highly recommend it if you are in the market for an interchangeable set.

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