Class Review: Mastering Lace Shawls

I am so pleased with this Craftsy Class I purchased.  ” Mastering Lace Shawls”  with Laura Nelkin has been a lot of fun.  I didn’t know much about the class when I purchased it.  When I started the class, I realized that you actually knit 2 shawls during the class.  Thus, the purchase price of the class also includes 2 shawl patterns.

It has been so helpful to knit with Laura step by step.    She goes over all the basic techniques for knitting lace.  She covers yarn choice, and actually shows an example of a shawl knit with a beautiful yarn, but one that detracts from the beauty of the lace pattern.  She covers placing and removing lifelines.  She also instructs on fixing errors in lace.  She shows you how to read a lace chart.  She also goes through each different section of the shawl in detail.

Her shawl design is clever.  The first shawl is “Skywalker”.  Each section adds additional or more complicated elements to lace knitting.  By the end of each section I find myself comfortable and ready to move on to a greater challenge.

Laura Nelkin is practical and funny.   She often wears her own knit shawls during the class and it’s fun to see the different ways she wears them.  At the end of the class she will cover how to wear your handmade shawls.  I haven’t gotten to that section yet but am really looking forward to it.

I love the knit-along format of the class that goes totally at my own pace.  I often knit at odd times and in many different places.  I love that I can do this knit-along when and where I have time.   I am about half way through the first shawl and already feel I’ve gotten my money’s worth on this class.  I have no link to Craftsy, therefore, I feel I can be unbiased in saying I can highly recommend this class.  This is the fourth Craftsy online class I have taken and I have been totally satisfied with all of them.  Craftsy has frequent class sales so you can get a good deal if you’d like to take a class.

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