Course Review, Blocking with Kate Atherley

I really enjoyed the Crafsty course “Blocking Hand Knits”  with Kate Atherly.  I was several years into knitting before I even heard of blocking.  Then, it took another couple of years to try it.  Now I want to block lace shawls.  I recently finished “hot oatmeal” and realized I really need to block it.  Thus, the motivation for the class.

Kate Atherly really simplified blocking for me.  She showed enough examples of pieces pre and post blocking that I was  able to appreciate the huge benefits of blocking your work.  She also showed how simple blocking can be.  She teaches how to block different types of fibers.   Even more importantly, she shows how to block different pieces including socks, mittens, lace shawls and sweaters.  She spends the majority of time using the water immersion technique for blocking but also touches on the use of steam for blocking.  She  goes over how to handle superwash wool and how to protect your pieces from moth damage.  She demonstrates the use of sock forms, blocking pins and blocking wires.  Kate is really practical and teaches in a way that is easy to understand.  I no longer feel intimated by the blocking process, even for a lace shawl.   I think most knitters can benefit from education on blocking, and all of our finished  pieces can benefit from blocking.  I would highly recommend this Craftsy course to boost your confidence when it comes to blocking your hand made treasures.

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