Drop stitch Knitting

Drop stitch kimagenitting creates vertical ladders in your knitting, adding texture to your final garment.  The technique is really as simple as it sounds.  As knitters, we spend so much time trying NOT to drop stitches, that is is difficult to intentionally let a stitch drop.  However, letting a stitch drop off the needle is the key to this technique.   First you knit to the stitch that you plan to drop.  In this sample, I dropped every 5th stitch.  Then let the stitch drop off the needle.  Gently work the dropped stitch all the way down to the cast on edge by gently tugging on the knitted fabric vertically and horizontally.  I usually drop all the stitches first, then work them all down through the fabric.  In the end, you have vertical ladders that add texture and lightness to the fabric.

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