How to Avoid a Loose Join in the Round

I learned this simple and effective tip for neater joins at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival.  I have never been happy with how loose my join looks when starting to knit in the round.  I learned this technique for making a tight connection when first joining stitches for working in the round.

01798052b2fa8d504ca820fdda5c40b389c0754cdfFirst, cast on 1 extra stitch.  I cast on the extra stitch in yellow to help illustrate the technique.






012829111a45d7340219ceab8699d0b2e091f93d3a_00001Next, slide the extra stitch to the left hand needle.







Now, knit the first 2 stitches together (the extra cast-on stitch and the first counted stitch on the left hand needle).







0185e4661af47f298c38a13f47e27d6ebfcc7c91a6_00001The result is a nice tight join at the beginning of the first round.

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