Reviving yarn from a “frogged” project

A couple of years ago, I purchased some beautiful sock yarn and started to knit a shawl (my first).  This project was also my first experience with short rows.  Overall, I felt unsure about my work and ultimately set aside the project for ” a short while” to work on some gifts.  Fast forward to 3 years later.  By this time, I had the experience to easily complete the project.  However, I couldn’t find any record of where I had left off on the project and therefore could not figure out where to resume knitting.  Ultimately, I frogged my work.  Unfortunately, yarn has memory.  My yarn was kinked from sitting in a knitted form for 3 years.  I was thumbing through a copy of Vogue Knitting and found a section on reusing yarn in this situation.  I put the process to test with great results.  I will describe the process here.

Frogged Yarbn

Here is my yarn after frogging the project.  Note the kinks in the fibers (yarn memory).






Step 1: Unwind the yarn.  I used my umbrella swift to reverse the winding process.  This step is really a 2 person job.  I’m lucky to have 2 little knitters around who love to help.








Step 2: Once the whole ball is “unwound’ and around the swift, use a contrasting piece of yarn to tie around the yarn bundle in 3-4 places to secure it in shape.

Step 3: Wet the yarn.  I let the yarn soak in tepid water for 20 minutes.








Step 4:  Drain the water and wrap the yarn in a towel to gently remove excess water,  just as you would do for a blocked item.  Allow the yarn to hang and dry completely.  You may hang a small weight from the bottom of the yarn loop to encourage the yarn to dry straight.  I hung the yarn from a clothes-drying rack and used a small bag of coins for a light weight.










Step 5:  Once the yarn is totally dry, remove the weight and place the yarn around your swift.  It is ready to rewind into a ball!  You can see how straight the fibers have become after completing this process.


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