Side Matters

IMG_0065IMG_0075As in…. the side in which the yarn is held in fair isle knitting affects the final appearance of the knitting.  2016 is my year to learn fair isle knitting.  I am traditionally an English knitter, or thrower.  However, for fair isle, my wise sister advised me to learn combination knitting, in which you throw with the left hand yarn, and pick with the right hand yarn.  I knit this hat with combination knitting and was fairly pleased with the results.  However, when I examined the hat more closely I discovered that “side really matters”.  When you examine the two  strips of blue circles on white background, they appear slightly different.  In the top strip, the blue is more prominent.  In fair isle, the background color is held to the right, and the foreground color is held to the left.  For a combination knitter like me, that means the background color is in the right hand and is thrown.  The foreground color should be held in the left hand and picked.  In the bottom example, I held the white, background color to the left.  This yarn position resulted in a less prominent blue design on the white background.  In the top strip, the yarns were held in the correct position.  I would love to say I knit the hat this way to demonstrate the importance of yarn position.  However,  I was completely unaware of the importance of yarn position while I was knitting the hat.  This is another fine example of learning from mistakes.  Fortunately, my daughter would like the same hat knit with the same color scheme.   I have enough yarn left to make another hat so I will have my second chance.  Now, if I could only figure out how to fix the row jog at the beginning of a new round.

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