Anyone who has been knitting for a while has probably also tinked.  I was tinking (or unknitting) long before I knew the term sinking.  Tink is “knit” spelled backward.  Tinking, is going backward in your knitting, taking out the stitches one at a time to correct an error.  I always use tinking when I’m taking out rows of lace knitting because it is so easy to lose your yarn-overs and end up with the wrong stitch count.  If I am ripping out garter stitch or stockinette, I will rip back a large section instead, then gather up all the stitches on my needle.

When tinking, it’s important to get the stitch mount correct.  Sometimes, when tinking, the stitches end up twisted on your needle.  The next stitch on the needle in the photo is twisted.  I can tell when I come to a twisted stitch in my knitting because the back loop of the stitch lies closer to the tip of the needle than the front loop.  Normally, the front loop lies slightly closer to the needle tip.  The stitch also feels a bit tighter when twisted due to the twist in yarn at the base of the stitch.  The simplest way to fix the twist is to knit into the back loop of the twisted stitch.  I try to remember “2 wrongs make a right” in this circumstance, first wrong is getting the stitch mounted wrong on the needle and second wrong is knitting into the back loop.   You can also untwist the stitch and remount on your needle, then knit into the front loop like usual if you prefer.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and find plenty of time to knit, with very little tinking required!


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