Travel Knits

One of the most exciting parts about any trip is planning my travel project.  Tomorrow I will head out to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival.  This is the first flight I will take without children in over 9 years and I look forward to knitting time on the plane.   Like many knitters, I am always nervous about having my knitting needles or tools confiscated at airport security.  TSA has a website with answers to many frequently asked travel security restrictions  (   According to their website, wood, metal and plastic straight and circular knitting needles are allowed.    You can also bring a small scissors with a blade measuring less than 4 inches.   The scissors shown below meet this standard.   However, a circular thread cutter, as pictured below,  is considered a razor blade and is not allowed in carry on luggage.  The TSA website also has a disclaimer, stating that the final decision about any item is at the discretion of the security team working at the time of your travel.  In the past, I have always successfully traveled with knitting needles.  This time, I am using my addi click lace long tips, which are near and dear to me.  I am going to bring the central connector so I can remove the tips if asked.  It’s also not a bad idea to bring some spare yarn and a yarn needle to thread your stitches onto, in case your needles are taken.  I try to minimize my tools for travel as well, bringing only what I need in a clear plastic pouch.  This time I will bring only a small scissors, yarn needle, stitch markers, a small crochet hook, 01a602e4a85da6104111579041052d19885139a36d
and my row counter ring.  I try to use circular needles on a plane because I feel like the straight needles sometimes extend into the next seat over.  I also usually pick a project that does not require intense concentration.  You never know when your seatmate will need to use the restroom.

Happy knitting to any of you travelling to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival this week.  I hope to see you knitting on the plane!









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