Valuable Tool for Knitting Lace


I recently started knitting simple lace projects.  I’ve used charts before, and would typically photocopy the chart, and use a highlighter to keep track of my row.


I ordered this chart-keeper by Knitter’s Pride and wish I would have purchased it long ago.  Magnets hold your chart in place on the board.  A magnetic strip helps you keep track of your row.  My lace chart repeats several times.  By using the magnetic strip to keep track of my progress, I can reuse the same chart.  When I was using highlighters, I had to make multiple copies of the chart for repeats. Using this chart keeper also allows me to better visualize my knitting. The magnet is placed above the row you are working.  Therefore, you are able to see the rows below your current row and view how the stitches should relate to each other.  When using the highlighter method, I would highlight a row as it was completed, thus diminishing my ability to visualize the knitted pattern below my current working row.  This chart keep folds up and has an extra pocket for holding additional materials.  Now, if I can just keep my 5 year-old away from those magnets…..

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