Where to buy Lopi?

I finished my lett lopi sweater.  After trying it on, I can’t wait to work with lopi again.  It really is much lighter than any other wool sweater I have, and feels so good on my body.  I live in Arizona, so my need for wool sweaters is small.  However, I have a whole family of siblings and nieces and nephews in the Midwest who I can knit for.

I started looking for a source of lopi as I haven’t seen it at my local stores.  I found lopi at several internet stores, such as Webs.  The price ranges from $5-$5.50 per 50g ball, + tax and shipping.  Just for comparison, I looked at the Nordic Store in Iceland.  Their lopi is  $3.10 per ball with no tax.  The shipping costs are substantial.  For 10 skeins of yarn, the shipping cost is $29.  However, since there is no sales tax, I actually still come out cheaper buying the 10 balls of yarn from Iceland and paying the steep shipping cost.  I was really surprised by this savings.  As long as I’m not in a hurry, I will order my Lopi directly from Iceland unless I can find a really great sale at one of the U.S. online stores.

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